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  • Do you want real digital push-to-talk communications from Motorola?

    Then Vegas Wireless has what you need. Our advanced digital networking system provides wide area dispatch coverage with GPS Location Services and Data Applications. Make your organization more efficient and better connected today

    About Us

    Vegas Wireless, a major holder of 700 MHz (FCC Auction 73) and 217-219 MHz (FCC Auction 57) Frequency spectrum. We provide secure and private wireless communication systems to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Unlike traditional communication systems, Vegas Wireless uses its exclusive FCC auctioned geographical spectrum resources to build, operate and maintain wireless networks that provide the control needed by transportation, manufacturing, utility, petrochemical and public safety organizations without the burdensome up-front cost typically associated with constructing and maintaining a private system. Vegas Wireless is a proven leader in the communication industry, offering reliable wireless solutions that enable companies to reduce operating costs associated with mobile work groups, fleet management, system monitoring and stringent safety regulations and demands.

    Mr. Thomas K. Kurian - President and CEO

    Thomas was an Engineering Manager at Motorola, Inc. and EF Johnson. Mr. Kurian was employed with LLC, a leading cellular engineering house as an RF Engineer and Project Manager. Mr. Kurian has made many presentations at industry trade shows and has been a featured speaker at several technical conferences on diverse topics including LTE, Troposcatter and Microwave Radio Engineering. Mr. Kurian has B.S., in Electrical Communication Engineering.



    Vegas Wireless offers both MOTOTRBO and Kenwood NXDN digital, cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to meet your unique coverage and feature needs. Our system provides complete and various solutions with portable radios, mobile radios, accessories, applications and services.

    Motorola XPR 4580
    Motorola XPR 6580
    Kenwood NX 420

    Highlights of the Spectrum

    Our 217-291Mhz spectrum is a unique part of the electromagnetic spectrum and can travel great distances and penetrate buildings at the same time. This frequency spectrum is composed of extraordinary characteristics that do not exist in any other part of the land mobile radio spectrum like the 800, 900 MHz frequency bands. The following are the highlights:

    Vegas Wireless is a leading provider of cost-effective communications solution, which includes exclusive unencumbered and affordable wireless bandwidth. If you like to know more about the 220 MHz spectrum please feel free to contact us at 702-658-9898.

    Exclusive Licenses: FCC’s Auction #57 and FCC Auction #73 consists of wide band spectrum in 217-219 MHz and 700 MHz. These are geographically licensed spectrum and can be installed without the need for any permits or additional licenses.

    Coverage where you need it: Vegas Wireless can construct facilities based on where you need coverage. Vegas License also allows crossing state and county borders at will. So you can get coverage exactly where you want it.

    licensing delays or frequency coordination issues: Because these licenses are geographical and exclusive, it has no co-channel or adjacent channel interference from other licensees as in the 800, 900 or 450 MHz band. The stations can be immediately installed and need no extra licensing or frequency coordination like the other site-to-site frequency spectrum in the 800/900/450 MHz land mobile frequencies.

    Excellent Propagation Characteristics: The 220 MHz and 700 MHz signal travels farther than those at 800 or 900 MHz, and require fewer stations to provide comparable coverage.

    Voice, High Speed Data and Paging Applications: The exclusive geographical licenses can be used for voice, wireless data such as telemetry, SCADA, automatic meter reading, automatic vehicle location or Wireless Paging.

    Purchase, Lease or Rent: These exclusive geographical licenses can be purchased through the FCC’s partitioning process from Vegas Wireless. We also have long term lease and rental program, to provide communication without maintaining a private system. The leasing option allows licensees to enter into Short-Term or Long-Term De facto Transfer Leasing. The FCC recently announced new rules that allow owners of wireless licensed spectrum to enter into third-party leasing agreements.

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    Phone: (702)-658-9898

    Fax: (702) 736-3140

    Email: vegaswireless@yahoo.com